In creating the Trampoline Association, private cultural entities unite their efforts to carry out a collective action in favour of the international reputation of the French art scene. Trampoline thus confirms the commitment of its fourteen members to work together to support and promote visual artists in France and abroad.

A group of art professionals first met in 2017, under the initiative of Laurent Dumas, company director and fervent patron of the French art scene, to lay the foundations of a common reflection around the promotion of French art scenes. In July 2019, the non-profit association Trampoline was born from these discussions, with the mission to develop the notoriety of French artists or artists living in France.

Today, the association implements different actions – in addition to those already carried out by public and private actors – which aim to amplify the ecosystem of contemporary art in France and to demonstrate its richness. Trampoline’s external collaborations, as well as the extensive network mobilised through its members and the complementary nature of their own activities, unlock a synergy of ressources and knowledge, enabling actions with greater impact.

Trampoline’s three courses of action :

  • Invite directors and curators of international institutions to France to encourage the development of projects abroad ;
  • Instigate and support international exhibition projects and the wider dissemination of artists from the French art scene ;
  • Communicate on and highlight the wealth of activity on offer in favour of artists from the French art scene.


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