A Natural History of Ruins

Louidgi Beltrame, Minia Biabiany

Pivô, São Paulo

Curator: Catalina Lozano



Trampoline is pleased to support the participation of artists Louidgi Beltrame (France) and Minia Biabiany (Guadeloupe) in the group exhibition A Natural History of Ruins taking place at Pivô, São Paulo in 2021.


A Natural History of Ruins is a group exhibition that explores different forms of resistance to the ways in which the hegemonic modern colonial imagery has captured our imagination. Drawing from diverse artistic practices, this exhibition seeks to offer opportunities to think about healing in what author Anna Tsing calls a “precarious survival”. It also attempts to address the implications of representation outside of language in order to explore other-than-human technologies and forms of intelligence.



^ Group exhibition, A Natural History of Ruins, Pivô, 2021. ©Everton Ballardin