Dors petit dors

Sara Sadik

Kunsthalle Lissabon, Lisbonne

Curator: Luis Silva, invited to France by Trampoline in 2018, and Alberta Romano



Trampoline is pleased to support the solo exhibition of Sara Sadik at the Kunsthalle Lissabon in Portugal in 2023, titled Dors petit dors. This support follows a series of artist encounters organised for the Kunsthalle’s director Luis Silva, through Trampoline’s professional invitation programme in 2018.


Sara Sadik’s solo exhibition at Kunsthalle Lissabon is a multi-channel video installation inspired by gaming aesthetics. The title “Dors petit dors” comes from the eponymous song by French rapper JuL, a song taking the form of a lullaby aimed at young boys who live in complicated households. Through game simulations, dreams, and myths, the artist tells us of ordinary kids whose stories become metaphors of much more multifaceted conditions which also delve into the tropes of masculinity and their affects.


Sara Sadik, was born in 1994 in Bordeaux (FR), she now lives and works in Marseille (FR). Sadik describes her work as « Beurcore » : the essence of North African-descended youth living in French suburbs culture. Based on semiological and sociological analyses of the « beurness », Sara Sadik brings many alter-egos which she plays in short-video using chromakey, 3D modulation and other CGI post-production techniques and linked them with sculptural elements via installation. She reengages visual aesthetics, economic systems and languages used and/or created by this community, in order to create fictional and surreal situations which take place either in the present or in the near future. By shifting many codes, Sara Sadik tries to create a composite vision which tends to singled out from what can be seen on mass-media and produces future possibilities. In 2016, Sara Sadik created Melissa Lacoste, a french R’n’B singer whose lyrics are an autotuned anthem to Marseille, the sprawling coastal city from South of France. In December, 2016, she released her first album « Gadji en Or », and performed it during the « Gadji en Or European Tour » in clubs, festivals and exhibition openings in Paris, Berlin, Geneva, Brussels and Rotterdam. Sara Sadik received in 2018 her MFA Fine Arts with highest honours at Ecole des Beaux-Arts, Bordeaux, France.

Sara Sadik, Dors petit dors, 2023 - Kunsthalle Lissabon, Lisbon. Photo: Bruno Lopes