Overlapping Magisteria : The 2020 Macfarlane Commissions

Mimosa Echard

ACCA, Melbourne

Curator: Max Delany, invited to France by Trampoline in 2018

Mimosa Echard



Trampoline is pleased to announce its support to Mimosa Echard’s new project for the second Macfarlane Commissions at ACCA, Melbourne in 2020.


The Macfarlane Commissions is a biennial series of exhibitions at the Australian Centre for Contemporary Art featuring new commissions by emerging and mid-career Australian and international artists. The second iteration of this biennial series, Overlapping Magisteria, considers the role of biology, ecology, archaeology and site, as well as ideas of material transformation and alchemy, through artists who engage organic materials, laws of nature, deep time, ideas of growth and shapeshifting, as well as formlessness, entropy and abjection. It is intended that ACCA’s galleries will be transformed through intense sensory and material effect, with works encompassing living and artificial organisms and processes, and installations and assemblages of narrative and material significance.